Copper Tungsten Rod

Copper Tungsten Rod Picture

EDM electrode
In view of copper tungsten rod, high temperature super-hard alloy die to be produced by corrosion, the common electrode wear big, slow, and the W-Cu electrical corrosion of high speed, low loss rate, precise electrode shape, excellent processing performance, to ensure the accuracy of processing pieces of greatly increased.

High-voltage electrode discharge tube
High-voltage vacuum discharge tube in the workplace, the contact material in a few seconds of time zero temperatures thousands of degrees Celsius, while the W-Cu anti-ablation properties, high toughness, good electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity performance to the discharge tube to provide the necessary stability conditions.

Electronic packaging materials
Not only the low-expansion properties of tungsten, but also has high thermal conductivity properties of copper, its thermal expansion coefficient and thermal conductivity of conductive material can be adjusted to change the composition and thereby to the material provided to facilitate the use.

Made from excellent quality copper and tungsten material, the copper tungsten electrode manufactured by Chinatungsten has found its application in different industries. Known for its unmatched thermal and electrical conductivity, these copper tungsten electrodes also possess excellent mechanical and physical properties that differentiate them from other copper tungsten electrodes available in the market.

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